Last … If I count correct we can have 5 curses and 1 mark? Bane itself, the damage over time, is not a curse. Thought the brilliant minds of POE reddit could help me. C) Still only Temporal Chains & Enfeeble ? The end setup will be temporal chains with blasphemy + Warlord's mark on hit with ring + another blasphemy if possible. Blasphemy Aura takes precedence over "on-hit" so you're only getting that curse while at the maximum 1 curse limit. Even from different players? If so then YES, you may have more than one curse linked at one time however the number of curses that are able to apply is limited by your maximum Curse limit. In Kingdom of Loathing, Saucerors can learn 4 different kinds of Curses, but you can only have one of them on a monster per fight. When I use my Witchbrew flask, it curses enemy around me with Despair. does it count on the limit or not ? Does this work? A mob can have a base of 1 curse on them at a time. You can use a Doedre's Damning to gain a 2nd curse before obtaining your chest piece, in order to use Asenath's gloves while mapping. For Path of Exile on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can enemies only have 1 curse on them? If you cast Bane + Despair + Enfeeble but have only one curse, only one curse will be applied and the other won't be. Or I am wrong? Thanks! My guess is yes but i never tested this before. You can then cast Temporal Chains which would overwrite that curse. This item is core to the build. :P edit: sadly we cannot craft double curse rings :/ There is a passive keystone that increases this by one, and two uniques that each increase it by one (one of which is a ring). I have discussed something about curse limit. ". Using occultist and +1 curse in tree my curse limit is gonna be 3, so how does it work with the curse reflected with my belt ? When I hit my flask will I have: A) Temporal Chains & Despair ? I can confirm that this works, and is quite effective. B) Enfeeble & Despair ? Bane doesn't surpass the curse limit. I mean we could craft mark on hit on a other curse on hit ring as well. With it we can apply 6 curses to enemies which bypass the curse limit. So basically if you have a Curse limit of 2 and the AG has a Curse limit of 2 then each of you can apply two Curses but the target you attack still only has a Curse limit of 2 not 4. "Master Blaster runs Bartertown!" If instead you are trying to ask if activating both curse auras will apply all curses to enemies in the area, then NO, only one of … It won't be overwritten. if you have the keystone, two of the rings, and the other unique, then you can put a maximum of 5 … IE: if your curse limit is 2, the bottom right and bottom left curses will not cast. If you know a curse will be inefficient for your group you are supporting you can instead socket an increased duration so Doedre's Effigy will last longer. And If we can get an amulett with additional curse we can go even frrther. Early on, run either a Cospri's Will or a cheap +1 curse hunter influenced body armour. In Path of Exile you can only apply one type of curse on an enemy at a time, but there is one passive and a few Uniques that let you apply more curses at a time. My curse limit is 2. My guess is we'll either have effect similar to "Hexfont" monster affix, or wont be allowed to cast another blasphemy curse till we increase curse limit. Since the the effigy is granted by the item we do not need to six link the item. Getting a corrupted amulet with the implicit, or the notable on the passive tree north of the Witch Starting point will grant you an additional curse from your Herald of Thunder. The Guardian entry is a little strangely worded but what it means is that your curse limit increases does not apply to the AG and vice versa. Curse Limits: Our Despair curse and Sniper's Mark both need a curse slot, and also Temporal Chains if using Asenath's gloves. I'm theorycrafting and the wiki didn't exactly help too much.
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