background-color: #f9d334; Races in North Carolina and Alaska remained uncalled. Nearly a dozen Election Day races in North Carolina, including those for president and U.S. Senate, remain too early to call because as many as 172,000 ballots have either yet to be counted or rejected, or could trickle in before next week’s deadline to receive mail-in ballots postmarked by Election … font-weight: bold; He trusts the education of his own two children to the public schools of North Carolina and wants all of North Carolina’s children to experience the best our state’s public schools have to offer. } In 2016, Donald Trump (R) won 76 out of 120 state House districts in North Carolina with an average margin of victory of 27.7 points. .votebox { On October 2, 2020, Cunningham confirmed he had sent sexual text messages to Arlene Guzman Todd, a woman who is not his wife. height: 56px; display: inline; Share All sharing options for: How North Carolina and Maine dashed Senate Democrats’ hopes of a “blue wave ... Republican Sen. Richard Burr is retiring, and his seat is up for election in 2022. Cal believes in ensuring women have access to reproductive care, and he is strongly opposed to partisan efforts in Washington to attack and defund Planned Parenthood, which provides health care services to thousands of North Carolinians. } background-color: #f4f4f4; Cal is proud to have the endorsement of the North Carolina Association of Educators in his campaign. * According to the FEC, "Receipts are anything of value (money, goods, services or property) received by a political committee." } width: 50%; .inner_percentage, .inner_percentage.Nonpartisan, .inner_percentage.Independent, .inner_percentage.Constitution, .inner_percentage.unknown { width: 90%; North Carolina has seen the effects of climate change firsthand through the historic storms and flooding that have ravaged our state — which is why Cal knows this is one of the most urgent issues facing us. Results are taking longer this year in some states due to increased mail-in voting. .inner_percentage.Libertarian { Source: Federal Elections Commission, "Campaign finance data," . font-size: 1.25em; background: #4c4c4c; } if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0)if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null)document.getElementById('Footnotes')'none'; Communications: Kristen Vonasek • Kayla Harris • Megan Brown • Mary Dunne • Sarah Groat • Heidi Jung Cal is an Army veteran who has served three active duty tours, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, and still serves in the Army Reserves. Cunningham, a member of the Army Reserves and a former state senator (2000-2002), was endorsed by the Democra… Races in North Carolina and Alaska remained uncalled. display: inline-block; Cal will oppose any effort in Washington to cut Medicare benefits, and he will stand up against the politicians and special interests that want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, gut protections for people who have a pre-existing medical condition, and allow big insurance companies to impose what the AARP calls an “age tax” on older North Carolinians that could cost them thousands of dollars more. Why it matters: Tillis' victory is a major win for Republicans as they fight to keep control of the U.S. Senate. Cal also believes we need vigorous enforcement of our nation’s civil rights laws to tear down the vestiges of discrimination and open the doors of opportunity to all North Carolinians. The State Board of Elections certified the results virtually Tuesday as COVID-19 numbers continue to climb across the state. } .cc_container { width: 100% He also helped lead the Commission’s work to address the “school-to-prison pipeline” and advocated for better funding and coordination of multi-disciplinary programs to support at-risk youth. width: 19%; text-align: center; External Relations: Alison Prange • Sara Key • Sarah Rosier • Kari Berger .cc_row {} } To build capacity to deliver early childhood education, we need to develop a more robust pipeline of early childhood educators. That exacts a tremendous social and economic cost from this country, which is why Cal believes we should revisit mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent offenders. background-color: grey; } Note: Seat colors won't indicate a lead for a candidate until an estimated 35 percent of the vote has been reported there. padding-top: 8px; North Carolina has the research facilities to design the next generation solar panels and the manufacturing base to lead on solar energy and Cal intends to help that happen. [9] Ballotpedia staff compiled profiles based on campaign websites, advertisements, and public statements. The story of North Carolina is still being written, and we must make the next chapter as one that fairly includes everyone, no matter who they are, who they love, or the color of their skin. } Because prisons and jails are not a substitute for mental health and substance abuse services, Cal is in favor of refocusing efforts on preventing violent crime instead of locking up people who, more than anything, need mental health or addiction treatment. font-weight: bold; Because of the opportunities provided to me by our great country, I worked my way up in high tech to become a partner at IBM. Protecting and Expanding Voting Rights Libertarian Party. } .race_footer { RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina State Board of Elections certified the results of the November general election on Tuesday, awarding the state’s … "Shannon Bray is a former submariner and diver for the United States Navy. border-bottom-right-radius: 12px; background-color: #003388; .votebox-results-metadata { In the Senate, Cal will fight to strengthen and extend coverage under the Affordable Care Act, expand Medicaid in North Carolina, create a public health insurance option, support rural hospitals, address doctor shortages, support life-saving research to prevent and treat diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS, and ensure no one loses their employer-sponsored coverage who wants to keep it. View details, LIVE: Party control of the Senate will be decided in January, with two runoffs in Georgia. margin-right: 10px; Six of 100 North Carolina counties—6 percent—are Pivot Counties. .inner_percentage.Democratic { background-color: #003388; .cc_candidate_submitted { } Cal is proud to have been endorsed by End Citizens United and the Voter Protection Project because of his strong support for fixing our democracy and getting big money out of politics. text-align: center; The right for citizens to make their voices heard at the ballot box is fundamental to our democracy, and Cal will work to protect and expand the right to vote so that all eligible, law-abiding citizens can participate in our elections. } Respecting Our Veterans } background-color: #003388; The outcome of this race affected partisan control of the U.S. Senate. Source. Everyday, we hear of yet another cyber attack and the lose of our personal data. margin-bottom: 24px; Lara stumped for her father-in-law during the 2020 campaign season, at times appearing at events in lieu of the president, but the North Carolina race is expected to be a tight one. North Carolina is expected to be one of the last states across the country to complete the counting of mailed-in ballots, with counties able to accept Election Day-postmarked ballots until Nov. 12. .votebox-results-metadata-p { .race_header, .results_text, .results_table_container, .votebox_legend { Live North Carolina election results from the 2020 general election including presidential, Senate and House races and ballot initiatives. He will also oppose efforts that restrict the right to vote, like unnecessarily purging voters from the rolls. .results_text { } Sen. Thom Tillis (R) has won re-election against Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham in North Carolina, AP projects. Tillis said he opposed sanctuary cities and supported President Donald Trump (R). .votebox_bp_logo { There are 117,000 outstanding mail-in ballots, NCSBOE said. } However, a month before I was supposed to ship off to basic training, I got in a car accident and my dream of serving our country in the armed services was dashed. overflow-x: auto; All 50 Senate seats were up for election in 2018.. POLITICO's coverage of 2020 races for President, Senate, House, Governors and Key Ballot Measures. float: left; One of the most frequent issues Cal hears about as he travels across the state is the urgent need to improve access and bring down the cost of health care for families – and that is exactly what he will fight for in the U.S. Senate. .cc_footnotes { .mw-body #mw-content-text .votebox .race_header h5.votebox-header-election-type { position: relative; Candidates for Congress are required to file financial reports on a quarterly basis, as well as two weeks before any primary, runoff, or general election in which they will be on the ballot and upon the termination of any campaign committees.[12]. display: block; } font-size: 12px; Ballotpedia provides race ratings from three outlets: The Cook Political Report, Inside Elections, and Sabato's Crystal Ball. background-color: #6db24f; See election results for the 2020 North Carolina State Senate, including maps and county-by-county vote counts on Nov. 3, 2020. As I look back at my upbringing, I realize it was a struggle. Unsure of what to do next, I did what my parents had always taught me to do: Work. font-size: 0.9em; Senate Election; National Map; North Carolina was the first in the nation to kick off early voting with absentee ballots sent out on Sept. 4. PRESIDENT TRUMP 260 -46 BIDEN 278 +46. display: inline; As an Army veteran, Cal takes the safety and security of North Carolinians seriously, including border security. @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { Military service is also part of North Carolina’s DNA, and our leaders in Washington should be unwavering in their support of our service members and military families. } Cal will work to keep our kids safe and to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, criminals, and terrorists by supporting efforts to expand background checks, ban the sale of high-capacity magazines, pass extreme risk laws, and fund gun violence research on an issue that has become a public health crisis. left: 0px; } } margin: 0; } North Carolina Senate race results 2020, including votes for Cal Cunningham and Sen. Thom Tillis in each county and district, live maps and polling results. position: relative; The original election projection website, since 2003. Cunningham said he would work to lower prescription drug costs, strengthen the Affordable Care Act, and expand Medicaid. But if they fall short, Cal Cunningham may shoulder the blame. Roy Cooper (D). display: inline-block; font-size: 12px; .votebox-results-cell--check { font-weight: 300; } North Carolina U.S. Senate Election Results. Republican Party. font-size: 16px; .votebox { In the private sector, Cal represented clients exposed to environmental hazards in the workplace and worked for an award-winning environmental company in Raleigh. This section shows advertisements released in this race. Republican Incumbent Thom Tillis is running for re-election in 2020. Sources: Operations: Meghann Olshefski • Lauren Dixon • Kelly Rindfleisch • Sara Antel • Sara Horton. Click the links below for roundups of the debate from: Tillis' campaign website stated the following: Most politicians think they work for the DC insiders who fund their campaigns, and forget they represent you. color: #fff; It’s just what we had to do. .cc_office { All 50 Senate seatswere up for election in 2018. Shannon Bray completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection Survey. Cunningham received a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a master's from the London School of Economics, and a law degree from the University of North Carolina School of Law. As a former Army prosecutor who litigated cases of sexual assault and as a former Vice Chairman of Governor Cooper’s Crime Commission, Cal understands that too often, our justice system has failed many North Carolinians, especially young people of color and those with limited means. Before his political career, he was a regional technical marketing manager at Wang Laboratories from 1987 to 1990, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers from 1990 to 2002, and from 1990 to 2009 was a partner at IBM Global Business Services. width: 100%; .results_row { background-color: green; GOP Sen. Thom Tillis won a second term in North Carolina, after Democrat Cal Cunningham conceded defeat Tuesday in what was the most expensive Senate election in … .outer_percentage { } As a State Senator, Cal helped pass landmark clean air legislation that reduced harmful pollutants from coal-fired power plants by over 80%, and key land preservation legislation. ** According to the FEC, a disbursement "is a purchase, payment, distribution, loan, advance, deposit or gift of money or anything of value to influence a federal election," plus other kinds of payments not made to influence a federal election. } } Cal is proud of his work on the Governor’s Crime Commission, where he served as chair of the Task Force to Improve Staffing and Security in North Carolina’s Prisons. }, Party: Ballotpedia features 318,422 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers. .non_result_row div { It taught me to never give up, no matter how tough things seemed. Republican Sen. Thom Tillis will keep his North Carolina U.S. Senate seat after his Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham conceded the election … .results_row td { See election results for the 2020 North Carolina State Senate, including maps and county-by-county vote counts on Nov. 3, 2020. .percentage_number { } In 2012, Mitt Romney (R) won 80 out of 120 state House districts in North Carolina with an average margin of victory of 22.7 points. There are about 12 competitive U.S. Senate races up for grabs in the Nov. 3 election, 10 with vulnerable Republican incumbents and two with vulnerable … Ads released by campaigns and, if applicable, satellite groups are embedded or linked below. POLITICO's coverage of 2020 races for President, Senate, House, Governors and Key Ballot Measures. On November 2, 2010, Richard Burr (R) won re-election to the United States Senate. Lara Trump, the president's daughter-in-law and campaign adviser, expressed her openness Wednesday to a 2022 Senate bid in her native North Carolina. margin-left: 1%; They defended 23 seats while Democrats defended 12. Right now, though, the economy is steeply tilted in favor of the wealthy few and against regular families struggling to keep up with the rising cost of college, housing, and medical care and still make ends meet. The 2014 United States Senate election in North Carolina took place on November 4, 2014, to elect a member of the United States Senate to represent the state of North Carolina, concurrently with other elections to the United States Senate in other states and elections to the United States House of Representatives and various state and local elections.On May 6, 2014, the primary took place. .electionsectionheading { Protecting Women’s Health & Rights width: 37%; On Tuesday, Decision Desk called the North Carolina U.S. Senate race for Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.). width: 100%; width: 100px; } The 2022 United States Senate election in North Carolina will be held on November 8, 2022, to elect a member of the United States Senate to represent the State of North Carolina. } margin-top: 0px; North Carolina Election Results Voters in the state have elected Republicans for president and Senate in most elections since 2000, though the state swung left in 2008. And because of the experiences that shaped me, I’ll always remember who needs it the most. margin-top: 1em; font-weight: 200; North Carolina has also seen coal ash spills, drinking water tainted by GenX, and rapid loss of open space, and Cal believes we need to do more to protect North Carolina’s environment and natural resources. On the same day, Cunningham confirmed reports that he had sent sexual texts to a woman who is not his wife. .cc_bio { padding-top: 3px; } overflow-y: auto; It is updated every weekday. I’m not a career politician. Republican Incumbent Thom Tillis is running for re-election in 2020. Come back to see who is projected to win this seat. font-style: italic; } Live 2020 North Carolina election results and maps by country and district. Tillis said Cal Cunningham (D) supported Joe Biden’s (D) agenda, would vote for Biden’s nominations to the United States Supreme Court, and raise taxes. margin: auto; N.C. Statewide Results. .cc_header.Democratic { This virus may have wrecked our economy, but we will build it back stronger than ever. letter-spacing: .03em; display: inline; Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. max-height: 580px; } North Carolina election officials said on Wednesday they have a little more than 44,000 votes left to count, including provisional ballots. max-width: 600px; On Sunday mornings, my dad would get up at 5 AM to help me fold the Sunday edition, pack my bike, and send me on my way. } "Not This Time" - Tillis campaign ad, released September 7, 2020, "Humble" - Tillis campaign ad, released May 27, 2020, "Memorial Day" - Tillis campaign ad, released May 25, 2020, "Together We’ll Win This" - Tillis campaign ad, released April 29, 2020, "Back To Work" - Tillis campaign ad, released February 5, 2020, "Veterans Day" - Tillis campaign ad, released November 11, 2019, "Accountable" - Tillis campaign ad, released October 22, 2019, "Sick Of It" - Tillis campaign ad, released October 17, 2019, "Confirmed" - Tillis campaign ad, released October 7, 2019, "Spirit of North Carolina" - Tillis campaign ad, released September 24, 2019, "Warrior" - Tillis campaign ad, released September 17, 2019, "Code" - Tillis campaign ad, released October 19, 2020, "Hypocrisy" - Tillis campaign ad, released October 8, 2020, "Joe Biden's Judges" - Tillis campaign ad, released September 29, 2020, "Anything" - Tillis campaign ad, released September 7, 2020, "Wallet" - Tillis campaign ad, released September 7, 2020, "Sneaky" - Tillis campaign ad, released September 4, 2020, "Socialist Cal Cunningham Supports Bernie Sanders, the Green New Deal, & Medicare-For-All" - Tillis campaign ad, released February 21, 2020, "Working Together" - Cunningham campaign ad, released July 15, 2020, "System" - Cunningham campaign ad, released June 18, 2020, "Putting the people of NC first" - Cunningham campaign ad, released February 5, 2020, "Oath" - Cunningham campaign ad, released January 27, 2020, "Listening to North Carolina" - Cunningham campaign ad, released June 17, 2019, "North Carolina First" - Cunningham campaign ad, released September 4, 2020, "Time and Again" - Cunningham campaign ad, released February 5, 2020, "Susie" - Cunningham campaign ad, released February 5, 2020, "$80 million" - Cunningham campaign ad, released September 9, 2019, "Sold Us Out" - Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad, released October 9, 2020, "Friends" - Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad, released September 25, 2020, "Gone" - Piedmont Rising ad, released September 24, 2020, "Hypocrite" - National Republican Senatorial Committee ad, released October 13, 2020, "Married Father" - Senate Leadership Fund ad, released October 6, 2020, Official recording, September 14, 2020, debate - WRAL-TV, Processing, counting, and challenging absentee/mail-in ballots, Federal and state primary competitiveness, Ballotpedia's Election Analysis Hub, 2020, Utah gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial election, 2020 (June 30 Republican primary), Wisconsin Supreme Court elections, 2020 (February 18 nonpartisan primary), Changes to election dates, procedures, and administration in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 2020, Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey, University of Massachusetts Lowell/YouGov, Kaiser Family Foundation/Cook Political Report, Beacon Research and Shaw & Company Research, "Early Voting" - Tillis campaign ad, released October 27, 2020, "Cal Cunningham once said: 'I’m Happy To Take Questions, I Take Them Every Day.' border: 1px solid #999; North Carolina U.S. Senate Election Results. Cal will work to ensure the federal government increases investment and support for these important institutions. } CHARLOTTE, N.C. — North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis declared victory over Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham in the race for the state's US Senate seat up for grabs in the 2020 election … Democrats Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama won in 1976 and 2008, respectively. One of the reasons why I am running is to find a solution at the federal level to improve the mental and physical health of our veterans; if we send them off to war, we owe this to them. He said he would work to protect jobs, reopen businesses, and ensure Americans had priority access to a vaccine. } vertical-align: top; Click here to view his responses. display: block; Party: border-right: 1px solid #ddd; To read more about these events, click here. if("undefined"==typeof window.datawrapper)window.datawrapper={};window.datawrapper["DXdAf"]={},window.datawrapper["DXdAf"].embedDeltas={"100":588,"200":457,"300":417,"400":400,"500":400,"600":400,"700":400,"800":383,"900":383,"1000":383},window.datawrapper["DXdAf"].iframe=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-DXdAf"),window.datawrapper["DXdAf"]["DXdAf"].embedDeltas[Math.min(1e3,Math.max(100*Math.floor(window.datawrapper["DXdAf"].iframe.offsetWidth/100),100))]+"px",window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if("undefined"!=typeof["datawrapper-height"])for(var b in["datawrapper-height"])if("DXdAf"==b)window.datawrapper["DXdAf"]["datawrapper-height"][b]+"px"}); In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump (R) won North Carolina with 49.8 percent of the vote. For additional information on candidate ballot access requirements in North Carolina, click here. [65], Cunningham said in a statement: "I have hurt my family, disappointed my friends, and am deeply sorry." On October 2, 2020, Tillis announced he had tested positive for coronavirus. margin-top: 16px; } North Carolina results for the 2020 presidential election, Senate and House races, and governor race. Over his career, Shannon has been a featured speaker at many technology conferences, written several books, and teaches stem classes to youth programs. .votebox-covid-disclaimer { Ballotpedia provided comprehensive coverage of how election dates and procedures changed in 2020. background-color: red; .key_messages { .race_header { Deals to your … margin-left: 30%; After leaving the Navy, Shannon started a career in information technology. The "Obama," "Romney," "Clinton," and "Trump" columns describe the percent of the vote each presidential candidate received in the district. .cc_office .cc_val p:nth-of-type(1) { He served as vice chairman of the Governor’s Crime Commission under Gov. text-align: left; Cal believes there is nothing more important to ensuring the safety of our nation than smart diplomacy and a forward-thinking foreign policy strategy that ensures we’re working with our global allies and staying tough on our adversaries like North Korea, Iran and Russia. font-weight: bold; In 2012, Barack Obama (D) won 40 out of 120 state House districts in North Carolina with an average margin of victory of 38.3 points. RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina voters are choosing between a Republican U.S. senator and Donald Trump ally who has been criticized for voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and a Democratic challenger who admitted in the campaign’s final weeks to sending sexually suggestive texts to a woman not his wife. When Harrington takes office, she will be the state’s first female senate majority leader since the position’s inception in 1977. Both parties had two incumbents representing states the opposite party's presidential nominee won in 2016. .cc_photo { } } Heading into the elections, Republicans had a 34-15 majority. It does not include information on fundraising before the current campaign cycle or on spending by satellite groups. { Cal will also work to lower the cost of prescription drugs through efforts like allowing Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies. function defer(){if(window.jQuery){indicateScroll();}else{setTimeout(function(){defer()},500);}}function indicateScroll(){jQuery(".votebox").each(function(index){let scrollHeight=jQuery('.results_table_container').get(index).scrollHeight;if(scrollHeight>580){let item=jQuery('.votebox .indicate_scroll').get(index);jQuery(item).html("Scroll for more ");}});};defer(); This section includes candidate profiles created in one of two ways. Republican Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina is statistically even with Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham, while Democratic Senator Gary Peters of Michigan leads Republican John James, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Tuesday. .cc-placeholder-img { © Chris Carlson/AP Sen. Tom Tillis holds a … For those of you who may have lost your job, for those of you whose grocery bags aren’t quite as full these days, and for those of you who are sitting at the kitchen table each night after you put your kids to bed trying to figure out how you’ll make it – You are what drives me to serve and I will never stop fighting for you. By Peter Andringa, Jason Bernert, Lenny Bronner, Madison Dong, Jess Eng, Simon Glenn-Gregg, Shana Hadi, Daniel Hoerauf, Jason Holt, Aditya Jain, Isabelle Lavandero, Emily Liu, Anthony Pesce, Erik Reyna, Ashlyn Still and Susan Tyler, Sources: Edison Research, ProPublica, U.S. Census Bureau, Cook Political Report.
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