These multifocal contact lenses pros and cons look at the design of the lens, its corrective nature, and the comfort level of the person who must wear them every day. Even the top-notch models like the Canon SX20 or Panasonic FZ35 can’t reproduce the level of detail that even entry-level dSLRs do. //-->. Zoom: These are long-range lenses, which have longer focal lengths as compared with the standard zoom lenses. The symphony lens is a multifocal lens that provides clear visions at all distances. Ever looked at the photographers at a major sports event? google_ad_type="text_image"; Filled with advice from our Opto-Réseau experts, this article could help you make an informed choice. inexpensive lenses designed to give photographers the ability to take What are Wide Angle lenses. PROS: Focal-Length Flexibility a wide range of focal lengths in an exceedingly single lens clearly is incredibly convenient. -Almost always optically superior (e.g. This can cause you to lose the shot while changing lenses. Many also say these lenses should be avoided because of poor