But we do wish they’d use their resources to craft a healthier recipe. Looking for a protein fix? These are healthy fats that can help fill you up a bit more, but if you are looking to a protein bar as a workout recovery snack, fat can slow the absorption of carbs and protein you need, and you'd want to opt for a lower-fat alternative." On the surface, it may seem that Kind bars are healthy. But does that mean Kind bars are healthy or good for you? There are other granola or protein bars that have better nutritional profiles than Fiber One bars. Kind bars are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO, which is quite promising. One Bar Taste Test Birthday Cake: 9/10. One of the OG nutrition bars on the market, PowerBar is likely here to stay. The birthday cake was a very solid flavor. "A lot of bars are made with nuts, nut butter, and seeds, which rack up fat and calories quickly. "They are ideal for women's busy lifestyles, and can help them get the nutrients they wouldn't be able to get otherwise." Birthday cake is a flavor that’s sought out across multiple protein bar brands and can be hard to nail. Just one bar has 26 grams of sugar (it’s the first ingredient!) Bars made from white beans and almond butter are loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and can be prepped in bulk for busy mornings. Protein per bar: 14 grams. But one look at their ingredient list tells a different story. The 5 Best Healthy Protein Bars to Buy The 5 Best Healthy Protein Bars to Buy. Advertisement It does contain a couple of healthy nuts like peanuts and almonds but still falls way short from bars that are truly healthy… Fiber One bars are a let down due to the long list of ingredients and artificial additives. Plus, it's really one of the tastiest protein bars … As you could probably guess from their sticky, squishy texture, PowerBars aren’t that great for you. ... One of Clif's lowest-sugar options still has all the chocolaty, nutty goodness we love. "One of the main benefits of protein bars is the convenience factor," says Bogden. Check them out: – 3 Healthy Granola Bars – 3 Healthy Protein Bars One bar called the “Nourish” bar seems much better than most big name bars. However, it still contains unneeded ingredients like corn syrup, sugar, fructose, and cane syrup. We tried more than 100 bars to find out which deliver on taste and nutrition. So, don’t try to eat too many bars at one time or in a day. This bar is also loaded with healthy fats from cashews and flax seeds, which are a great plant-based source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s.
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