b). APPSC AEE Syllabus 2020 along with exam pattern is given in detail here. Hydraulics of wells – aquifer characteristics influencing yield of wells both under steady state and unsteady state conditions, procedure involved in estimation of aquifer characteristics through pumping tests. Plastic analysis of indeterminate beams and simple portal frames – Shape factors. Rural water supply. Codal provision for slabs, Beams, Columns, and footings. Field evaluation of the system – distribution pattern and uniformity coefficient, cost analysis. Freezing of foods – freezing point of foods, freezing point depression, calculation of freezing time. Chisel and subsoiler. Jigs and Fixtures. Degree. Indian polity and governance: constitutional issues, public policy, reforms and e-governance initiatives. results by entering their login credentials on the website provided. Measurement of pressure – introduction, types of pressure measuring devices, ranges and their application. Oil seed processing. Disc ploughs – advantages, disadvantages, constructional details of various components, accessories, plough adjustments, disc angle and tilt angle, differences between M.B. Processing and processing machinery of important horticultural produce. The syllabus of APPSC AEE CBT or mains exam has subjects like general studies & mental ability, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. c). Metal cutting: Turning, Methods of Screw production, Drilling, Boring, Milling, Gear Manufacturing, Production of Flat surfaces, Grinding and Finishing processes. Principles of packaging and packaging materials. Traffic surveys, Intersections, Signaling, Mass transit systems, Accessibility, Networking. Principles of threshing – threshing equipment, types, care and maintenance. Tornado. One-dimensional steady and unsteady conduction. Compressible Flow: Velocity of the pressure wave, wave velocity for adiabatic and isothermal compression, Basic equations of one-dimensional flow continuity, energy, and momentum equations. 3. In order to apply for the jobs in the APPSC, aspirants need to visit the official web portal which is “https://psc.ap.gov.in/” and submit the application form of 309 Assistant Executive Engineers Posts. Plumbing systems. The task of post-bifurcation infrastructure development and opportunities Theories of failure, Design of Cotter joint, Keys, Splines, Welded Joints, Threaded fasteners, Bolt of uniform strength, Screw Jack. You can also get the complete detail about OPSC AEE Syllabus 2020 and exam pattern 2020. Candidates who wish to apply for APPSC Group 2 jobs have to get familiarize with the syllabus and exam pattern to qualify the written exam. Byproducts utilisation – rice husk, rice bran, coconut coir and shell utilisation, mango stone, cashewnut shell, banana pseudo stem, sugarcane bagasse, paper making from agricultural wastes, feed processing plants, layout of feed mills for commercial production.  Transmission & Distribution: Line constants – Inductance and Capacitance calculations – Representation of over head Lines – Short, Medium and Long lines – ABCD constants – Mechanical Design – Seg, Tension Calculations, Tuned Power Lines. Engineering Mechanics: Introduction – units and dimensions. Generating Stations:  Location and types, types of hydroelectric powr stations, layout of a hydro-   power plant, types of turbines used – Pumped storage installations – Layout of thermal electric power stations, types of turbines used, condensers, cooling towers, boiler feed pump; energy flow diagram of steam power plant. Design of springs – flat and leaf springs. Land Development Machinery: Land Clearing – rock blasting, stump pulling. Classification of soil types, significance of soil texture, soil structure – definition, genesis, classification, evaluation of soil structure, indices of soil structure – methods of improving soil structure. Centrifugal pumps – components, principle, characteristic curves, power requirements. APPSC 2020-21 | Jobs, Syllabus, Result, Admit Card, Old Papers: Dear users, Welcome to FreshersNow.com. The Mains exam comprises two qualifying papers and five merit ranking papers. Grading – principles equipment. Solid Waste Management: Sources and effects of air pollution, Monitoring of air pollution, Noise pollution, Standards, Ecological chain and balance. Contour and graded bunds – design of bunds, spacing of bunds, determination of height of the contour bund, construction and alignment of bunds, surplus arrangements, contour ditching, area lost under contour bunding. Design process – classification of design work. Contact equilibrium separation process – concentrations, extraction, rate of extraction, stage equilibrium extraction. Over speeding and over voltage. Evaporation – single and multiple effect evaporators steam economy, vacuum evaporation, vapour compression, boiling point elevation. Principles of ultimate load design. Cutting Tool Materials, Tool geometry, Mechanism of Tool Wear, Tool Life and Machinability. Fluid Dynamics: Convective and local acceleration, Euler’s equation of motion and its integration, Bernoulli’s equation motion and its application, flow in the curved path. OPSC AEE Syllabus 2020: The candidates who are searching for OPSC AEE Syllabus 2020 come at right place. Defects in Crystalline materials. Soil clay and organic matter. Moisture content –determination methods, equilibrium moisture content. Description of prismatic and surveyor compass – method of using prismatic compass, magnetic declination, determination of true bearings from magnetic bearings, running a compass traverse. Motor characteristics – series motors, shunt motors, compound motors. Foundations on expansive soils, Swelling and its prevention, Foundation on swelling soils. Fluid statics: Hydrostatic force on a plane and curved area Centre of pressure and its applications to lock gates and dams Metacentric height. Search for the OPSC AEE syllabus … Common refrigerants and their properties. Heat treatment of Steels. Fluid pressure – measurement, manometry, classification of manometers. Flow over weirs and notches – classification, discharge measurement thorough rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal weirs, broad crested weirs, flow through pipes – laws of head in pipes, pipes in series and compound pipes, equivalent size. APPSC AEE Recruitment 2020 Eligibility, Selection Process, Notification Apply Online Process, Fee Details, Age limit, education qualification and salary details check at www.psc.ap.gov.in. Exam Pattern of APPSC AEE is updated clearly. Combined excavation and hauling units – wagons, trucks and front end dumpers, hydraulic trippers. Critical speeds. Center of gravity and moment of inertia – determination by method of  moments, theorems of parallel and perpendicular axes, product of inertia. Principles of pavement design, Drainage. Fundamentals of diffusive and convective mass transfer. And also helps you to qualify in the Andhra Pradesh TRANSCO Examination 2020. Air conditioning – factors of human comfort, equipment used in A/C cycle, classification of A/C system, winter, summer and central A/C system, design calculations for air conditioning systems. Design and costing of water harvesting structures – farm ponds, percolation tanks. Wells – classification of wells, design of open wells in unconsolidated formations, methods for increasing the yield in open wells. APPSC AEE Syllabus 2020 for CBT. Bed and furrow system. Evaporation equipments – open pan, short and long tube evaporators, forced circulation evaporators. Weather forecasting – importance, types of forecasting, synoptic charts, weather forecasting organisations. APPSC AEE Syllabus is Available in PDF Format Candidates are requested to download the Syllabus PDF. APPSC Group II Exam syllabus comprises two parts - Screening Test/ Preliminary & Mains syllabus. Vapour compression refrigeration – mechanism, PV, PS, PH diagrams, vapour compression cycles, dry and wet compression, superheating and sub cooling, Vapour absorption refrigeration system. Transport and Assignment Models. Buoyancy Floatation – meta centric height. Operations Research: Linear Programming – Graphical and simplex methods.  Agricultural process Engineering (Unit Operations): Introduction to unit operations –classification, conservation of mass and energy SI system of units, consistency of units. Current affairs- international, national and regional. Soil conservation programmes in India. Theory of structures: Theory of structures – introduction, moment, slope, deflection equations and applications of propped, fixed and continuous beams, theorem of three moments. DC Generators and Motors: Types of DC generators – EMF equation – constructional details – characteristics of shunt, series and compound generators – Armature reaction – types of DC motors – Torque developed in a DC motor – speed controls of DC motors and starters. 2. Deflections and slopes: Slopes and deflections in cantilevers simply supported beams; propped beams and fixed beams subjected to point leads and uniformly distributed loads. c) Basic data analysis (Summary Statistics such as mean and variance coefficient of variation etc.,) and Interpretation. Problems of dry land agriculture and water shed management. General Science and it applications to the day to day life Contemporary developments in Science & … Design of brick masonry as per IS codes. APPSC Group 1 Syllabus – Prelims 2019:-Download PDF Here. Chasis mechanism – determination of center of gravity, maximum drawbar pull. Natural ventilation, summer and winter cooling – shadenets, polytunnels. Virtual work – principle, units and applications. Nodal analysis – superposition theorem, Thevenins theorem. So before going to start your Exam Preparation, Once check the APTRANSCO AEE Syllabus pdf given in this article. Current affairs- international, national and regional. 2. SOIL MECHANICS AND FOUNDATION ENGINEERING: Properties and classification of soil, Compaction, Permeability and Seepage, Flow nets, Inverted filters, Compressibility and consolidation. General Science and its applications to the day to day life Contemporary developments in Science and Technology and Information Technology. Single server Queuing Model. Crops and their classification. Fire tube and water tube boilers.  Binary vapour system.  Flow of steam through nozzles and Diffusers.  Dryness fraction, Condensation. APPSC AEE Syllabus 2020. Frequency analysis. Compound stresses Mohr’s circle of stress – Principal stresses and planes. History of India – emphasis will be on the broad general understanding of the subject in its social, economic, cultural and political aspects with a focus on AP Indian National Movement. Transformers – introduction, working principles. Download APPSC AE Syllabus 2020 The Applicants are searching for the Andhra Pradesh PSC Municipal Assistant Engineer Syllabus and Exam Pattern. APPSC AEE Syllabus The APPSC AEE Syllabus 2020 & Exam Pattern is being provided against the massive vacant posts of Assistant Executive Engineers on this page in the form of PDF file by the team of gayatrijobs.com. Current events of national and international importance. Classification of water lifting devices – manual and animal powered devices. The qualifying students. Enter your email address and spin the wheel. Division of employees, their relocation and nativity issues. A.C. motors. Theories of failure – maximum shear stress theory, maximum strain theory, maximum distortion theory. Structure ;and properties of common Engineering Materials. APPSC AEE Model Paper 2020, APPSC AEE Previous Paper 2020, APPSC AEE Sample Paper 2020, APPSC AEE Syllabus, Exam Pattern 2020 Pdf Download. Cleaning and separation. Selection of pumps and economic evaluation of pumping. Land use capability classification. Underground Cables:     Insulation of cables – Grading of cables – Capacitance Measurement in cables – Testing of Cables – Power frequency withstand tests. Shape factor, Network analysis. Planting equipments – paddy transplanter, potato planter, sugarcane planter. Every year Andra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) recruits hundreds of engineering graduates towards various engineering services. Fly wheels, Governors, Balancing of rotating masses, Balancing of single and ;multi cylinder engines. PERT network: Time-cost study, Crashing, Resource Allocation. Modes of heat transfer. Design and Costing of Farm Structures: Farmstead – layout, design and costing of farm structures, farm, house, godowns, threshing and drying yards. Other implements – bund former, ridger, APAU puddler,  clod breaker, rototiller, green manure trampler. Free and forced vortex. Analysis of perfect frames types, reaction of supports of a frames – types, reaction of supports of a frame by method of joints, method of sections and graphical method. Design of simple members. Logical reasoning, analytical ability and data interpretation. Heat pump, Refrigeration cycles and systems, Refrigerants, Condensers, Expansion devices, Psychrometry, Charts and application to air conditioning, Sensible heating and cooling. psc.ap.gov.in. Soil texture, soil separates, particle size analysis, stoke’s law, derivation, it’s applicability and limits of validity. Leveling – basic definitions, methods of leveling, classification of direct leveling. Laminar and turbulant flow through pipes: Reynolds experiment significance of Reynold’s number, formulae for laminar flow through circular pipes, Turbulent flow-Darcy Weisbach equation, friction factor, and Mody’s diagram. Triode – action of grid, triode characteristics, tube constants, inter electrode capacitance, multi-electrode tubes, triode as an amplifier, classification of amplifiers. for investments. Loads on conduits – ditch type and projecting type conditions, strength requirements of tile drains. Candidates can download the APPSC AEE Syllabus from its official site psc.ap.gov.in and also from jobsbadi.com. Relations among load, shear force and bending moment. Open channel hydraulics, classification of open channels and definitions, most economical sections of regular cross sections, specific energy concepts – Critical depth, energy diagrams, velocity and pressure profiles in open channels, hydraulic jump – types. Andhra Pradesh State Leading Educational portal of Eenadu Pratibha will provide the subject wise new syllabus and study material from the subject experts. Runoff – components, factors affecting runoff, estimation of design peak runoff rates, rational method, curve number method, rainfall runoff relations. circuits resonance circuits, watt meter, A.C. frequency measurement, transformers.
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