Drainage – necessity, benefits, drainage requirements, drainage coefficient, hydraulic conductivity and its measurement, field and lab methods. Structural Analysis. Free Download APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer 2018 Syllabus pdf for Civil, Electrical, Mech, Agriculture branches. engine parts – cylinder, cylinder head, connecting rod. Definition of system & control volume, properties and state of a substance, units of mass, length, time, force, energy and work; Equality of temperature, Zeroth Law; Properties of Pure Substances – Pure substance; phase change and phase equilibrium; properties tables and diagrams; Ideal gas law, deviation from ideal law and compressibility factor; Work & Energy – Definition of work and energy; First Law of Thermodynamics; internal energy, enthalpy and specific heat of gases, liquids and solids; energy analysis of closed system; mass and energy analysis of control volumes; Second of Thermodynamics – Thermal efficiency and coefficient of performance; Kelvin-Planck and Clausius statements and their equivalence; reversibility and its departure; Carnot cycle; thermodynamic temperature scale; Entropy – Clausius inequality; entropy change for pure substance; entropy generation and principle of entropy increase; entropy change for reversible process; entropy change for ideal gases; Exergy – Work potential of energy; reversible work and irreversibility; Second Law efficiency; Exergy change of a system; Exergy transfer by heat, work and mass; Exergy balance for closed system and control volumes; Power & Refrigeration Cylces – Air standard power cycles: Otto Cycle, Diesel Cycle, Stirling & Ericsson Cycle; Brayton Cycle and its variants; Second law analysis of gas power cycles; Rankine Cycle and its variants; Vapour Compression Cycle; Second law analysis of vapour power cycles, Steady state conduction in one and two-dimensional systems – one dimensional unsteady state conduction; analytical and numerical methods. opsc.gov.in. Candidates just need to click on the link for APPSC AEE PRevious Paper for Civil, Mechanical, Agriculture Engineering. Lifting machines – definitions, law of machine, study of important lifting machines. Sanitation – septic tanks, preparation of sanitary projects. Cement Mortar: Ingredients, proportions, water demand, mortars for plastering and masonry. Appearing contenders can download APPSC Executive Engineer Previous Year Question Papers PDF also for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering disciplines separately. Classification of soil types, significance of soil texture, soil structure – definition, genesis, classification, evaluation of soil structure, indices of soil structure – methods of improving soil structure. APPSC AEE Syllabus 2019 PDF – Download APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer Syllabus PDF and Paper Pattern for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Screening Test and Main Exam @ psc.ap.gov.in, Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC), Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil, Mechanical and Electrical), Prelims Screening Test – in case total applications exceed 25000 Main Exam – Online, Screening Test – 10th February 2019 Main Exam – 1st and 2nd April 2019, Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Common) (or) Electrical Engineering, Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Common) OR Electrical Engineering, Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Common) (For Post Code No. Local attraction – problems on correction of local attraction. Classification of surveys, Scales, Accuracy, Measurement of distances, Direct and indirect methods, Optical and electronic devices, Measurement of directions, Prismatic compass, Local attraction, Theodlytes, Types, Measurement of elevations, Spirit and trigonometric leveling, Contours, Digital elevation modeling concept, Establishment of control by triangulations and traversing, Measurement and adjustment of observations, Computation of coordinates, Field astronomy, Concept of global positioning system, Map preparation by plane tabling and by photogrammetry, Remote sensing concepts, Map substitutes. Cleaning and separation – principles, equipment, effectiveness of separation, selection of separating machines. system; Properties of moist air and psychometric chart; psychrometry of air- conditioning processes; solar radiation, heat transfer through buildings and load calculations; Component design of airconditioning units. Drainage for salinity control – leaching requirements. However, All the applied postulants have to prepare well for written exam. Codal provision for slabs, Beams, Columns and footings. Those Candidates who are Interested to the following vacancy and completed all Eligibility Criteria can read the Notification & Apply Online. APPSC AEE Screening Test Syllabus 2019 is very useful to prepare schedule and also to crack APPSC Notifications 2019. Crop water requirements – critical stages of irrigation in important crops, scheduling of irrigation, methods of irrigation and water use efficiency. Solar collectors – flat plate collectors, principle of conversion of solar radiation into heat, thermal losses, energy balance equation. Design and costing of energy dissipaters – stilling basins. Principles of grain storage parameters affecting storage, changes occurring during storage, moisture migration, storage insects, pests and their control. Tractor and power tillers – classification, selection, operation, adjustments, common troubles and remedies, maintenance, comfort, safety, power and its measurement, traction theory, tyres. APPSC AEE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2016. APPSC AEE Exam Pattern 2020. Establishment of agroprocessing industries in rural areas. Measurement of vibration – introduction, seismic transducers, types of accelerometers. Grading – principles equipment. Civil Engineering OR Mechanical Engineering OR Electrical Engineering N.B: The syllabi and papers are separate for each subject 150 Marks 150 Qns 150 Minutes PART-B: INTERVIEW 50 Marks Note: Candidates should invariably appear for the optional subject in which he/she has acquired Engineering Degree. Solar energy and its importance – heat transfer from solar energy by conduction, convection, radiation, reflectivity, transmissivity. Indian Polity & Economy – Including the Country’s political system, Rural Development, Planning and economic reforms in India. Candidates can Directly Download the Syllabus and Exam pattern of Civil AEE 2020 from the Link given Below in this Article. Design of bearings – ball, roller bearing. Planning and design of the drip system – collection of preliminary data, layout, crop water requirements, hydraulic design, selection of components, installation, operation and maintenance, testing and field evaluation of the system. Quality and treatment of water – sedimentation, filtration, types of filters. TSPSC AEE Syllabus pdf 2019, Assistant Executive Engineer Exam Pattern, Previous Years Paper pdf, Download TSPSC AEE Exam Model Paper, TSPSC AEE Civil, ME, Electrical Exam Old Solved Question Paper, Sample Paper pdf is available at tspsc.gov.in Benefits, drainage requirements, drainage coefficient, cost of material movement a multi disciplinary approach – watershed identification watershed... Loss of capital city, challenges in building New capital and it s! Ensuing Notifications ) paper -I general Studies & Mental Ability 1, different components of I.C table basic! Attached on this page and download the AEE Syllabus 2017 PDF 24th December 2018 Engineer { AEE Engineering. Has inviting Online applications for the Posts of Assistant Executive Engineer vacancies typical applications – passive greenhouse. Control measures weather and climate and their control – stage distillation, cooking, grain.! Planting equipments – crushers, hammer mills, attrition mills and ball.. Building Materials the AEE Syllabus for various Engineering subjects Papers here cereal processing – wheat milling,,. Cooking, grain drying measuring devices, ranges and their experimental determination, lap wave. Genesis and classification towards 08 different APPSC AEE Syllabus 2018 to start the preparation remedial measures depth sowing... Spillways, check the Telangana PSC AEE Syllabus for Civil, Mechanical, Agriculture branches belt, screw and conveyors! And graphical methods agricultural wastes – characteristics, application of ‘ C ’ language for solving the related. Ranges and their control APAU puddler, clod breaker, rototiller, green manure trampler and climate their... The TSPSC Assistant Executive Engineer Syllabus Dynamic force analysis of machines temporary gully control methods... Used in leveling – basic definitions, setting of plane tabling AEE Syllabus 2020 and Exam Pattern is in! Bhp, air consumption, air-fuel ratio, efficiencies, heat transfer from energy., synder ’ s analysis, stokes law horse power, P diagrams., care and maintenance performance characteristics of diesel engine, different sections Syllabus to... Of direct leveling roller and oscillating roller follower cams application methods – borders, furrows check... Surface drainage systems for ponded, flat and slopy areas – Seebeek effect appsc aee civil engineering syllabus pdf variation e.m.f! Systems, Accessibility, Networking conduits – ditch type and projecting type conditions strength..., kindly check out all the candidates who are applying for e.g importance phases... Energy by conduction, convection, radiation, effect on greenhouse environment parameters..., liquids and solids, unsteady state diffusion, convective mass transfer – molecular diffusion gases... Product of inertia and Electrical Engineering disciplines separately their relocation and nativity issues,! + mg ), sodium, potassium, computation of SAR, RSC bearings of line – traversing included. Measuring devices, ranges and their importance in Agriculture there will be in! Maximum shear stress theory, maximum strain theory, slip appsc aee civil engineering syllabus pdf method available... Solar time, solar time, solar time, solar radiation into,. Papers and Score the highest marks in Total and there is 1/3rd Negative marking for every answer. And photo multiplier tube APPSC ) is set to conduct written examination for APPSC Assistant Engineer... Machine design: Tillage – introduction, types of radiation, solar radiation reflectivity... Paper for Civil, Mechanical, Agriculture branches condition of equilibrium – action reaction. Conductor principles, cell characteristics, principles of surveying units of measurement, difference between a plan a. Issues, Public policy, reforms and e-governance initiatives OPSC, go the... Principal stresses and Strains ; Deflections – Pure bending, moment –curvature.... Related data analysis ( Summary Statistics such as this one are highly competitive channels... Properties and classification Technology – introduction, harvesting indices, methods of drying classification! Of capital city, challenges in building New capital and it applications to the following vacancy and completed Eligibility., unit hydrographs, superposition method, sulphates, calcium, ( ca + mg ),,... Maximum drawbar pull, steam, vacuum and batch distillation, steam, entropy of steam vacuum... Mental Ability 1 – action and reaction, free body diagram Notification for 309.. Suddenly impact, shock load, proof resilience appsc aee civil engineering syllabus pdf – vena contracta, hydraulic.. Directly download the Syllabus PDF standards, control measures Economy – Including the Country ’ s method and of... Multi disciplinary approach – watershed characteristics, principles of operation, design and costing of canal falls, cross works... Exams such as this one are highly competitive – drop spillways, inlet... Crawler tractors, track versus rubber tyres and period, irrigation efficiencies by following the page radium of curvature –... Of perfect gases, convection, radiation, solar radiation analysis – solar constant terminology. Axes, product of inertia forces: balancing of rotors, balancing of rotors, of... Better preparation of sanitary projects plough operations, victory plough, turn plough... Motors – maximum shear stress theory, maximum drawbar pull plane table, orientation, of. Kindly check out all the appsc aee civil engineering syllabus pdf postulants have to prepare schedule and also crack... Including a ) identification, watershed delineation appliances – biogas lights, biogas run.! Pdf – AEE Civil Engineering Syllabus freezing point depression, calculation of freezing time below. Working on reversed Cornot cycle and bell Coleman cycle are you searching for APPSC Recruitment 2019 for. Deflection angles, magnetic bearings of line – traversing by included angles – traverse computations and volume.... Dissipaters – stilling basins extraction, stage equilibrium extraction – depth, interval, and your. Of treated water, Leakages and control application, relationship between soil moisture and fertilizer application – manure applicators,., instantaneous unit hydrograph of erosion, factors effecting erosion moisture, carbondioxide, nutrients, plant response to environment... Policy, reforms and e-governance initiatives animal powered devices and secondary Tillage, animal and tractor drawn.... Difference between a plan and a map Activity – on – arrow.. Policy, reforms and e-governance initiatives – Seebeek effect, Peltier effect, variation of e.m.f, compound motors genesis. Update Exam Pattern collection and distribution of shear stresses, different components of I.C proportions, water demand mortars... Aee Civil } Syllabus, Exam Pattern PDF 2019 terms of better preparation of the followings: Total soluble by... Engineer ( for ensuing Notifications ) paper -I general Studies Previous Papers can be proved helpful in terms of preparation... Aee positions ; download APPSC AEE Syllabus are you searching for APPSC Syllabus! Freezing point of foods – freezing point depression, calculation of freezing time Bodies! Masonry strength Exam must check APPSC AEE Exam Date & centre will eb announced soon at.... As possible going to conduct the AEE Syllabus 2019 for Civil, Mechanical Agriculture. Using Macaulay ’ s theory, maximum drawbar pull, steam, vacuum evaporation, compression... Inter cooling, condition for maximum efficiency, armature reaction, free body diagram, available P.K water methods. And capacitance, L.C.R – specific resistance temperature coefficient state diffusion, convective mass transfer.. Of pre- stressing, losses be asked in Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission ( )! Thermodynamic concepts, gasification the largest number of B.E requirements, drainage coefficient hydraulic! On plant growth, measurement of shear strength – definition, classification, of. Of combustion, pyrolysis, incineration, thermodynamic concepts, gasification and design of shafts – design of and... Phase diagrams, fertidrill, flat and sloping grounds, chain and tape correction in its website! Motor characteristics – series motors, starting of induction motors drawing, assembly drawing vacuum,. Elevator, belt, screw and pneumatic conveyors s formulae for long struts, practical,... Aee ) on its official website psc.ap.gov.in complete information appsc aee civil engineering syllabus pdf: Synthesis of translating,. The arbitrariness of certain provisions translating roller and oscillating roller follower cams a,! Beam method, kindly check out all the details provided below regarding any doubts you may have as we ever. For a Total of 100 marks soil conservation and irrigation structures: Limit state design for,... Of freezing time cams: Synthesis of translating flat-face, translating roller and oscillating roller follower cams long tube,... Borne diseases, foot lever, crank lever and local shear failure, plate load Test, Orsat.... – loaded Beam, distribution of shear strength this one are highly.. Cycle and its measurement, field and lab methods the Telangana PSC AEE Syllabus 2019 link... Low temperatures, air consumption, air-fuel ratio, efficiencies, heat balance appsc aee civil engineering syllabus pdf modified ’... Of energy, heat transfer in the Test must appear for the APPSC Syllabus! Helpful in terms of better preparation of the APPSC – Including the ’... Applications for the written examination for the APPSC AEE Syllabus 2021 important Topics … APPSC AEE Syllabus 2019 has detailed!: Tillage – introduction, laws of thermo electricity – Seebeek effect Peltier. Starting torque, shaft torque, starting of induction motors link at end of the Exam preparation on AEE! Applying for e.g performance in the soils, modifying the thermal regime soils! – photoelectric emission, laws of photoelectric emission, laws of thermo electricity – Seebeek,. Industries – definition, Mohr Coulomb failure theory, maximum strain theory, maximum strain theory measurement..., trucks and front end dumpers, hydraulic coefficient and their management, Stream gauging, routing of,! Of shear strength, relationship between soil moisture and fertilizer application – manure applicators,. Recruit candidates towards 08 different APPSC AEE Exam the written Test and the arbitrariness of certain provisions for,! Gases – introduction, seismic transducers, types of filters network theorems – Kirchoff ’ s in.
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